Searching and Locating of Aerial Photographs provides the possibility to search an area on Google maps, locate exactly the area of your interest and send by e-mail the coordintaes of the point of inetrest in order to check with our archives and reply if aerial photos are available in the area.

  • Open the application pointing by your mouse and clicking on the proper buttton.
  • You can navigate, zoom in or zoom out and focus on the area of interest using the appropriate buttons on the upper left corner of the map window.
  • After locating the area of interest, place the mouse cursor exactly on the point of your interest following the red placemark.
  • Click on the point of interest in order to record the coordinates of it into the apropriate window.
  • Fill in your contact details along with your comments and click on "Send" in order to send your mail to our company.
  • We will search our archives and reply soon if the there are aerial photographs in the area of your interest